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Miniature Group 2019 workshop

The Miniature Quilt Group’s 2019 workshop was held at the beginning of November in the comfortable Hillscourt Education Centre near Birmingham.

Ten quilters met up for a delicious dinner on the Friday evening, then chatted and stitched until bedtime.

In the morning we had breakfast while we waited for our tutor, Joy Salvage, to arrive. Joy makes some amazing quilts based on small blocks, such as log cabin, court house steps or pineapple blocks, and you can see examples of these quilts on her website here.

Our workshop covered building up quilt tops from small log cabin units, around 1.75” square. So after admiring Joy's quilts, hearing about how she made them and receiving an introduction on how to start, we began cutting strips and stitching them together...

The photos below show progress on the day and on the day following the workshop, when some people continued working on their pieces.